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Hey folks, as a life long player and someone who works in the gaming industry, I get to play a ton of board games. I thought I’d put together some recommendations for folks who aren’t necessarily hobby gamers and don’t really have the vocabulary or history to make a good choice for something to play with your partner or family while we’re all cooped up. Games are a great way to step away from your screens and interact with your family in a structured format that’s relaxing, challenging, enjoyable and a great distraction from our current predicament.

I’m going to make my recommendations based on a few criteria:

  • Ease of play – I’ll be pointing out games with short learning curves. These games will have you playing in no time!
  • Availability – I’ll be choosing games that you can get at hobby stores, big box outlets and online sellers. This may be a fluctuating scenario though so I’m not going to link to anywhere specific. Support your local hobby store if you can. Otherwise, Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other online game outlets can help.
  • Style/Audience – This is a bit subjective, but I’ll be discussing games that I think match the type of games that would fit well with families, roommates, couples, etc, from a variety of themes and game mechanics
  • Price – I’m not going to list specific prices here, but all of these games range from $25-45, roughly. Compared to a movie or a video game, you’ll get a ton of value for your money.
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