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There’s been so much activity lately with Coyote and Crow that I haven’t had much time to update everyone. In short

  • We’ve got delivered art from Kyle Charles
  • We’ve got art on the way from Jeffrey Veregge
  • We’ve had two successful alpha play tests
  • Development of Skills and Abilities are underway
  • We’re working on finding Nation writers (call for work!)

Let’s jump in!

First off, I’m so thrilled to be able to show you two of the four pieces from Kyle Charles. Kyle was a joy to work with and is excited at the prospect of coming back to do more work on this project, post Kickstarter. Kyle is a citizen of the Whitefish Lake First Nation. These two pieces, I think, really convey the tone and style of what I’m going for with this project.

I’ll share the other two pieces from Kyle later, likely on the Kickstarter page.

As for Jeffrey, he’s working on a few pieces, including the cover! If you haven’t seen his work, I highly recommend checking out some of his amazing work on comics.

We had two successful structured alpha tests of the game. Each test was identical. We had two sets of four different players. Each player was allowed to choose from six different pre-generated characters and run through a stand-alone adventure that gave players the chance to get a feel for the world, test the mechanics, and give me feedback, both after the session and in a follow up online survey.

Some crucial updates were made to the system based on those tests, including a balancing of Abilities, an updated initiative system and a very important tweak to the exploding dice mechanic.

Currently, I’m working on the Skills and Abilities lists and definitions. Skills are things that any character can pick up in this world and work on a simple ranking system and are tied to one of two related Stats. Abilities are connected to a Stat. Players get to select one during character creation and can possibly get more during the course of game play. These abilities are the things that elevate the game to sci-fi/fantasy in that they are things that humans can’t really do. The abilities they are able to choose from are determined by the “path” they chose earlier in character creation, which forms a basis for the character’s general focus and direction. Abilities will not only give players a feeling on individuality and power (there will be 27 different abilities in this core book), but also help add an Indigenous flavor and tone to the game.

Lastly, I’m in need of some writers. This core book has a total of four fictional nations and a collection of free cities that could loosely be considered a fifth nation. While the book will focus on the collection of city-states, the other four nations will all get a page or two written about them in the book (that will hopefully lead to future source books).

I need three writers, one for the Pacific Northwest nation, one for the southeast nation and one for the northeast nation. They need to be citizens of tribes from that area, but do not need to currently live in that area. The regional definitions are intentionally vague for good reason. If you fit this description, or know of anyone who does, please contact me (you can reach me by my personal email or on the contact page on this site). This is a paid gig.

That’s it for now! Have a great new year. I think 2020 may just be the year we get to see Coyote and Crow come to life!

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