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Hey folks, I need some writers for Coyote and Crow. These are short assignments but may lead to more work in this world later if it works out. This is paid work. Please read below carefully for what I need and want.

I’m looking for Indigenous writers who would be familiar with the tribes and customs of the geographic region they’d be writing about. You don’t need to be an expert on all tribes in that area. Just your own is fine. I’m less concerned with citizenship status and more concerned with familiarity with your region. Currently, there are five fictional nations:

  • Pacific Northwest
  • West/Southwest (writer already assigned)
  • Southeast
  • Northeast
  • Central Plains (this is the primary area the core game is based in and I’ve done much of the work already. This would be a joint writing assignment and different from the others)

If you are interested, please read through my previous posts here, especially:

Here’s what I absolutely need:

  • Please apply by email listed on my contact page
  • Please include links to your writing history, web page, history with RPGs
  • Please include your relationship to your Native heritage (again, you do not need to be enrolled. But familiarity with your tribe is vital.)
  • Please be prepared to have 1000 words done prior to the end of April 2020.

I’ll review messages as soon as I can and contact you if I feel like you’re a fit for the project. Thanks!

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