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For more on what Coyote and Crow is and what I’m doing, please see my statement of intent, HERE

This post is a call for artists. I’m looking to commission art from Indigenous artists for use in my tabletop role playing game, Coyote and Crow. For some examples of the styles that I think fit the game, please go HERE.

If you are not familiar with role playing games in general, I suggest checking out the following RPGs to get a feel for their layouts, art styles and general presentations:

If you aren’t able to physically check any of these out, please go to your local hobby story and see what they have. Coyote and Crow will be a hard back book, between 200-300 pages. Within those pages we’ll have roughly 100 illustrations, and about a third of them in full color. We also need a full color cover.

If you are interested in working on this project, please read the below carefully:

I am primarily looking for artists of Native American heritage. Specifically from North American tribes. If you are Meso or South American, please still contact me as I have plans to do expansion books that cover those regions.

This is a paid gig. When, how, and how much is something I’m absolutely open to discussion on. I value your time and work and I’m not looking for any ‘free’ work on this project.

I need artists who can do character work, concept pieces and landscapes. Please be familiar with sci-fi (and to a lesser degree fantasy). Be prepared to both take direction and to use your imagination. We’re building a brand new world!

If you feel like you meet these qualifications, please go to my Contact page HERE and drop me a line. Please include a link to your work.

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