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Here, you’ll find interviews, discussions and opinion pieces from myself and guest writers. If you’ve got a topic or game you’d like me to cover, please contact me and let me know. My opinions, as well as those of my guest writers, are our own.

There’s been so much activity lately with Coyote and Crow that I haven’t had much time to update everyone. In short

  • We’ve got delivered art from Kyle Charles
  • We’ve got art on the way from Jeffrey Veregge
  • We’ve had two successful alpha play tests
  • Development of Skills and Abilities are underway
  • We’re working on finding Nation writers (call for work!)

Let’s jump in!


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I have a problem with initiative. I’m not talking about taking decisive action in my personal life. No, I mean the process of determining the character order of actions in a tabletop role playing encounter. I dislike most traditional systems as they tend to be random and capricious. But more than that, they tend to take the players out of the story and reduce things to the mechanical, the procedural. Coyote and Crow isn’t just about role playing your character, it’s about building a future legend. The things your character does today should become the next generation’s great stories. I want the encounters to feel closer to weaving a fable around a campfire than to a 1970s miniature war game simulation.


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I’m very excited to drop this promotional piece for Coyote and Crow. The logo and graphic design work are by Barbara Schelling. Barbara is a member of the Nakoda tribe and if I have my way, she’ll be an ongoing member of this project. I really love the graphical elements and color splashes in the logo.

The art is by Harry Conway. This piece wasn’t commissioned and isn’t connected to Coyote and Crow in any way. However, I temporarily licensed it for concept and promotional purposes. I feel it does a great job of capturing much of the tone and essence I’m going for, even if the details aren’t quite right. It won’t be used in the final version of Coyote and Crow, but I hope you enjoy it for now. And if you’re developing a game, please reach out to Harry (who you can find on ArtStation). He’s a great guy and a pleasure to work with.

Logo/Design by Barbara Schelling Art by Harry Conway

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The following is a short story set in the world of Coyote and Crow. It will likely appear in the core rule book. Waya’s Lesson is meant as an introduction to the world of Coyote and Crow, both in tone and theme. It also is at the heart of why the game is called Coyote and Crow. I hope you enjoy it.


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Things I’m going to talk about today:

  • Experience in RPGs
  • Native American talent
  • What’s next

It’s a Sunday afternoon and I’m wiped. In the last couple of weeks I’ve dealt with the incredible achievement that was Avengers: End Game and the dismal failings of Game of Thrones. More importantly, I’ve been grappling with huge shifts in organization and workload at my day job. And to be frank with all of you, it’s left my batteries so dry that I’ve not nearly made the progress on Coyote and Crow that I would have liked.

But that doesn’t mean no progress has been made. In fact, I overcame one of the greatest hurdles in my development with a specific rules concept that I’m thrilled to see implemented. So let’s jump in.


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Hello! This is the first in what will likely be a long development journal for my Native futurist role playing game, Coyote and Crow. For the basics of this project and what has led me to this point, see my first post about it HERE.

So, how are things going with it, you ask? Incredibly well! At the same time, I’m beginning to grasp what a huge mountain I have to climb. It’s a little terrifying. More than just creating and publishing a new RPG, which by all accounts is daunting enough, I also have the very important responsibility of making sure that the Indigenous representation in my book is 100% on target.

Here are some aspects I have updates on:

  • Artists
  • Game Development
  • Outreach and Awareness

Artists: While I still haven’t locked in an artist yet, the search continues and I’m more determined than ever to find a Native American artist that is a fit for this game. I’ve spoken to some amazing folks, both Native and Non-Native and the list of people who have shown interest is getting long. Still, I haven’t quite gotten that mix of availability, heritage, skill set and enthusiasm that I’m looking for. It will come though. I can feel it.

Game Development: The game is coming along (although I have to admit, my day job has been grueling lately and I often have a hard time sitting in front of my laptop in my office after having spent all day on it.) I have six pre-made characters ready to go for a one-off adventure I’m developing. This will put my basic rules to the test and I’l be able to get valuable feedback on the system as well as thematic feedback from non-Natives.

My world building is coming along nicely and the world of Coyote and Crow is starting to feel more lived in every day. By the way, Coyote and Crow is my beta name. It’s possible I could switch to something else down the line, but I have really solid reasoning for sticking with what I have.

Outreach and Awareness: I’ve been blown away by the reception I’m receiving from both the gaming sphere and Native Americans. There seems to be a genuine hunger for this type of storytelling and world setting and I feel like I’m coming into this at just the right time. Marc Miller has been an invaluable resource and I can’t thank him enough for his continued support for the project. Two other established RPG publishers have shown interest in the project (which, come on, how flattering is that?). Numerous people have stepped forward to offer help, counsel, expertise and guidance. I was interviewed for a new podcast that focuses on inclusivity in gaming. Oh, and I’ve secured a web domain: (although there’s nothing there yet).

Next Steps: Hopefully, I’ll have an artist locked in soon. I’m hoping to be able to go through three play throughs of the one off adventure (Teaser! The title of the adventure is “The Isolation of Station 54”!) with three different groups of players during this spring and summer.

As much as I originally planned a release for Origins Game Fair 2020, now I’m just saying it will take as long as it takes to get it right. I’m feeling the enormity of my one shot and getting this done properly and I don’t want to rush it.

Till next time!


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