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I’m very excited to drop this promotional piece for Coyote and Crow. The logo and graphic design work are by Barbara Schelling. Barbara is a member of the Nakoda tribe and if I have my way, she’ll be an ongoing member of this project. I really love the graphical elements and color splashes in the logo.

The art is by Harry Conway. This piece wasn’t commissioned and isn’t connected to Coyote and Crow in any way. However, I temporarily licensed it for concept and promotional purposes. I feel it does a great job of capturing much of the tone and essence I’m going for, even if the details aren’t quite right. It won’t be used in the final version of Coyote and Crow, but I hope you enjoy it for now. And if you’re developing a game, please reach out to Harry (who you can find on ArtStation). He’s a great guy and a pleasure to work with.

Logo/Design by Barbara Schelling Art by Harry Conway
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The following is a short story set in the world of Coyote and Crow. It will likely appear in the core rule book. Waya’s Lesson is meant as an introduction to the world of Coyote and Crow, both in tone and theme. It also is at the heart of why the game is called Coyote and Crow. I hope you enjoy it.

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